Noted sex columnist, author and all around potty mouth Lora Somoza is jumping into the sack with you for a little afternoon delight. Each week Lora explores the trends, trysts and troubles under America’s covers. She invites a wide range of guests to discuss tantalizing topics that would make your mother blush. From fetishes to fellatio, libido levels to lingerie and every topic in between. Its uncensored, unedited, and underwear optional... Don’t take a shower just yet. It’s going to get dirty.

Ep. #254 All Things Vagina!

This week on Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza: It’s All Things VAGINA! Orgasms and Female Viagra and Reproductive Rights, OH MY! Plus one man’s trash is another woman’s wall art? More on that later… Power Panel of Pervs: AVN’s Sherri Shaulis, Katie Massa Kennedy and Susanna Lee Lucky-Deluxe. Share this:

Ep. #190 – Debunking Sexual Deviant Myths

Listen up pervs! We’re talking about why “deviant” sex acts are actually good for you! Plus, vibrating undies that can send you to the ER and a warning on scrotum pizza. Panel of Pervs: Susanna Brisk, Lang Parker and Ward Swan.   Share this:

Ep. 189 Oral Lovin’

Hold onto your pink parts because we’re mouthing off on all things oral! It’s cunnilingus and fellatio galore! So tune in, because we’re going down on you! The incomparable Sex Nerd Sandra joins us to share her expertise along with the equally amazing Lady Cheeky Elle Chase and the Beautiful Barbie Davenporte.  Plus Sex with […]

Ep. #175 – X Marks the G-Spot!

In this episode we explore the G-Spot and toys to turn it on. Plus what school wants to  inspect your vagina and who is suing for sex toys! Good times! Sarah Tomchesson from The Pleasure Chest Los Angeles and Barbie Davenporte join Lora and Stirling for all the fun!   Share this:

Episode # 155 – Craziest Sex Laws


You are probably breaking the law and you don’t even know it. We have the most RIDICULOUS Sex Laws in America. BUT FIRST, how our guests “met.”  It’s  AMAZING.  That and car sex (not the kind you’re thinking about) and labia dye. Because, you know, there’s such a need for that! Lora and Stirling are […]