Noted sex columnist, author and all around potty mouth Lora Somoza is jumping into the sack with you for a little afternoon delight. Each week Lora explores the trends, trysts and troubles under America’s covers. She invites a wide range of guests to discuss tantalizing topics that would make your mother blush. From fetishes to fellatio, libido levels to lingerie and every topic in between. Its uncensored, unedited, and underwear optional... Don’t take a shower just yet. It’s going to get dirty.

Ep. #259 Unusual Sex Practices

This week on Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza: We’re discussing the most unusual sexual practices from around the world! You will either be very afraid or want to do some traveling! (Maybe both.) PLUS: Titty twisters at 30,000 feet! WARNING: There may be some boobs on this show. NSFW! Panel of Pervs: Allan Murray, […]

Ep. #253 Sex and Religion

This week on “Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza” – What kind of sexy tips do religious institutions give out? We explore them and the strangest ways some religions have tried to “sex up” their image. PLUS: Another episode of “Vaginas as Backpacks.” Yay! Panel of Pervs: Nick Holmes, Lang Parker and Marty Quinn. […]

Ep. #220 – What Makes Women Sexy?

This week on Between The Sheets with Lora Somoza: What makes a woman sexy? Lora and Ward are joined by renowned erotic photographer Holly Randall and BTS’s favorite erotic blogger, Lady Cheeky herself, Elle Chase for a frank discussion. That and the coolest orgy EVER! Share this:

Ep. 189 Oral Lovin’

Hold onto your pink parts because we’re mouthing off on all things oral! It’s cunnilingus and fellatio galore! So tune in, because we’re going down on you! The incomparable Sex Nerd Sandra joins us to share her expertise along with the equally amazing Lady Cheeky Elle Chase and the Beautiful Barbie Davenporte.  Plus Sex with […]

Ep. 174 Tips & Toys to Spice up Your Sex Life

We’re talking tips, tools and toys to spice up your sex life. Plus, the latest fashion for penises. That and FLORIDA is back in news, baby! The ever sexy peoples Barbie Davenporte and Nick Holmes join Lora and Sterling for a steamy show and tell. Watch HERE:   Share this:

Ep. 173 – Seduction, BJ’s and the Great Outdoors

Today on Between the Sheets: we talk about seduction, blow jobs and some of the strangest public places people  have had sex. (Say THAT five times fast.)  BONUS: An “oopsie” in Weird Sex News of the Week.  Elle Chase, aka Lady Cheeky and America’s Most Beloved Porn Journalist Gram Ponante join Lora and Stirling for […]

5 Songs That Will Never Get You Laid

Congratulations! You got your conquest to your bedroom! He or she is practically a done deal. All you need to do is pour a glass of wine/ whisky/ meth-tini and get them there clothes off! Oh, and set the mood. You have to pick the perfect music to bone to. Sure you can hit that […]